Quality Control

All the gauges, micrometers and venire calipers are periodically got calibrated and examined by government
approved agencies. Test Reports are provided with each dispatch for customer's satisfaction.


We have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing machines Spares. Latest CAD/CAM system to design and manufacture high efficiency machines. In house, Latest state of art CNC (Computerized numerical Controlled) machining section to manufacture the machines.

List of Machinery: 
1. CNC Milling Machines.
2. Lathe Machines.
3. Milling Machines.
4. Drilling Machines.
5. Trap Machine
6. 14 Feet Lathe Machines for Heavy Works.
7. Press Machines.
8. Designed Department

The above all some of our major machinery which we have in our in house to give best production.

The Concept 
Nanduri Engineering supplies equipment to all the major branches of confectionery industries. The Company has evolved a quality system, which covers the product themselves as well as the flow of information. Our principle is

"Keep the customers satisfied"

This means that all quality assurances measures such as the production planning and control system, batch
tractability, as well as administrative procedures such as sales order processing and costing are safeguarded by corresponding procedures and systems in the operative Business units.

Aims & Strategy 
Rapid changes in technology, in manufacturing process in logistics and administrative procedures make it
necessary to implement a quality system, which ensures not only constant quality standards but indeed
permanent quality improvement with regard to the goods and services supplied. In this context, great emphasis with the customers, thus providing tangible benefits for the customers.

Quality Organization 
The vital prerequisite for an effective, dynamic quality organisation is the inclusion of both customer and supplier in the quality system. Of course, it goes without saying that quality management system not only refers to productive areas but also includes the service department.